The Astrology Of Chaz/Chastity Bono


Chaz Bono, the now transgender daughter of the famous and popular singing duo of  Sonny and Cher” is really making the entertainment headlines these days.  Born Chastity Sun Bono, he now uses the names Chaz Salvatore Bono.  An only child Chaz was born March 4, 1969, and now at the age of 42 finally seems to be at peace with his identity.  As a female, and at the age of 13 Chaz new that he was gay, or, at the time a lesbian and came out at 18.  It was not until 2008 that Chaz began his transgender journey which he completed in May of 2010 when a California court granted him a gender and name change request.


Of course the sign of Pisces is very musically oriented, with the planet Neptune being its ruler.  Chaz has 4 Quintile (72 degrees) aspects in his chart strongly suggesting an above normal creative ability.  His Virgo Moon is Quintile Neptune from the 9th house (higher mind) to the 12th house, again, suggesting that well known Piscean sensibility of artistry.  Chaz is a musician, actor, and writer as well as a transgender advocate (9th house Moon).  His 3rd house Pisces Sun is in the house of communications and only aspects the Moon (opposition, born during the Full Moon)!  Quite interesting since both the Sun and Moon are so integral to his Sagittarian Ascendant, and Jupiter, ruler of the chart and Sagittarius is Quintile the Ascendant.


Chaz has 6 planets above the horizon (Southern Hemisphere), and 4 of them are Retrograde (Rx) suggesting an ever present delay in his needs and desires in the outside world.  Also, the chart’s Southern Hemisphere emphasis strongly suggests the sense of being pushed around and victimized by the outside world as well as the actions of his parents.  Although I have never met Chaz the Mars Neptune conjunction in his 12th house suggests a great deal of personal charisma even though it may be “behind the scenes.”  His 2nd house (self worth) Mercury, the ruler of the Midheaven (position and influence in the outside world) is Peregrine, an aspect or condition that suggests “running away” with things.  In this case this strongly suggests the mother/father representation since the 10th and 4th houses represent the father and mother, also known as the “parental axis.”

Chaz has a number of very interesting patterns and measurements within his Astrological chart, and one of them is the Pluto and Nodal Axis opposition/conjunction.  This measurement strongly reflects on Cher, his mother.  Not only do Uranus and Jupiter oppose the Nodal Axis, but the Moon is Quindecile the Lunar Node suggesting an “obsession” of some sort, and since the Moon rules the 8th house (Scorpio’s natural house) this also reflects one half of the sexual profile (both 5th & 8th houses).  Mars, ruler of the 5th house, the other half of the sexual profile, is also Quintile Pluto at the Midheaven.  Mars is also in the sign of Sagittarius, the sign of opinions, respect, and arguments.  Be intellectually and physically prepared if you plan to do battle with Mars in Sagittarius.


As is always the case, there is way more to this chart than the sexual profile, and I hope that you were not thinking that I would try and explain Chaz’s psychological/sexual profiles regarding his transgender decision or gay/lesbian experience.  However, I can tell you that there appears to be a tremendous predisposition towards political and philosophical advocacy by way of Mars in Sagittarius in the 12th house conjunct Neptune, Peregrine Mercury, the Sun Moon opposition by way of the Sun’s ruler ship of the 9th house (Leo, politics, higher mind) as well as his Sun Quindecile the Midheaven (mother, and another sign of obsession).


All in all Chaz has a great deal to offer society and appears to be a very gifted artist all the while speaking his beliefs for the underdogs of society.  And believe it or not Chaz is quite nimble and fleet of foot so do not be surprised at how far he advances in the “Dancing With The Stars” competition.  I am not saying who I want to win (I do not watch the show anyway) but good luck to all!



Curtis Williams  MA, A.P.D., CRTM

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