Ususi Karuna and Usui Ryoho Reiki Master and Karuna Master Teacher, Curtis Williams will be offering Usui Reiki classes  I & II (beginner and practitioner) and Holy Fire Master Levels will be taught at my home in Los Osos beginning Nov 6 thru Nov 8.  Class size will be small and there are already several students who have paid and signed up for this course.  I would like to keep the class size at no more than 10 students.  Classes will begin from 9:00 am, and end at 4:00 pm except for Wednesday which will be a half day .

For those still considering taking Reiki I&II and Master Lev el and are not signed up yet for class signup registration for theses classes begins October 15 and closes October 31, 2015!  All deposits are nonrefundable, unless of  a serious ailment to ones person or family member.

Cost of Reiki I & II for each student is $375, with a non refundable deposit of $15o paid no later than three weeks prior to classes.   The balance of $225 will be paid at the beginning of the first class.  During class each student will receive their manual, a Reiki packet and, then meet their fellow healers by name and a short overall story on what brought you to this wonderful healing modality each student will receive a certificate of proficiency at Practitioner Level when they complete the course.


For more information about Reiki please contact Curtis Williams at 805-234-7615, or email me at, or text me and I will get back, to you as soon as I can!


Curtis Williams  MA, A.P.C., CRTM 



 Astrological Instruction

Individual instruction for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels.  Class is $65 an hour, or $45 an hour per student if you bring another Astrologer(s).  I will consider teaching up to 8 students per session if there are enough interested students.  For more information please call Curtis at 805-234-7615, or e-mail at

Basic Shamanic Instruction

There will be a series of 4 classes with each class at $60, or all 4 classes for $210 (there will be a Non Refundable Deposit of $25 for single classes and $105 for the series). Classes will be held at my home in Los Osos on Saturdays days from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm. Bring your drum and if you don’t have one, bring a rattle, or for those of you who have both bring your rattle and drum we can share.  Basic Journeying will be included in this class.  For those of you who do not have any such instrument/tool ask your friends and around similar circles if you can borrow one.


There will not be any certificates for these classes as this is just the building of your Shamanic Foundation but if you finish this series I will use them as a prerequisite when I will be offering certificates of completion and readiness for Soul Retrieval, Extraction, and Journeying to find your Guides and Power Animal (all separate ) but not necessarily in that order, but you get the gist of it, I hope!

Hope to see and hear from all of you!


Curtis Williams MA, A.P.D., CRTM

Lucid and Conscious Dream Instruction

Classes on Dreaming and their interpretations will begin after January 1, 2016.  Individual and multiple student settings are available to those interested.  Dream classes are $45 an hour or $35 an hour if you bring a friend(s).  The only prerequisite for these classes is the ability to dream regularly.  For more information please call Curtis at 805-234-7615 or e-mail him at

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