Astrologer Jeanne Avery Passes (1931- 2012)


It is curious how our lives meet and intertwine with those we have just met, or have never met.  One such person was a guest on my radio show “The Astrology Of Now With Reiki Rising.”  I never “met” Jeanne Avery but I do feel that I know her.  Astrologer and author Jeanne Avery passed away last February 10, of this year only a few months after she had been a guest on my show.


Even at the age of 80 Jeanne was a terrific personality full of many stories from throughout her life.  Many people, myself included did not know that Jeanne had been an actor and dancer which she left behind once she settled on being a professional Astrologer.  It has been documented that Bob Hope discovered Jeanne in the 1960s when he asked her on stage with him at the Mississippi Art Festival.


Between commercials Jeanne shared with me some very entertaining stories of other famous people most notably that of Astrologer Noel Tyl.  Noel probably is not aware that I know a few personal tidbits about his early life but then that is how she wanted it.  It was a hoot when she used an old children’s story (Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby) as the background to life’s lessons.  A southern gentle woman through and through Jeanne was formidable even to her final days.


It was only a week or two before our show that Jeanne needed to go into have some medical tests on what she called a “nuisance” but she ended up being diagnosed with cancer several weeks later.   While on air I asked Jeanne to be a guest later in the year to which she accepted.  I only spoke with her on the phone once more but she had to decline for health reasons.  We exchanged a few e-mails and then all correspondence stopped.


As an Astrologer myself I frequently ask other Astrologers for their birth information as this gives me so much potential information for the past and the future.  I used her chart in one of my workshops as a lesson in predictive Astrology.  Had Jeanne lived any further I believe that her suffering would have exponentially increased suggested by the Astrological directions in her chart.


It is a little disturbing to me with such a quick passing as I had only recently spoken with her for the full hour of my show.  I did not really think that she would accept an invitation to my my radio program, but she did.  It was a shot in the dark as far as I was concerned.  Still I am so pleased that I did get to “meet” one of our most enduring professional Astrologers even if it was over the air waves.  Thank you Jeanne, and good luck!



Curtis Williams  MA, A.P.D., CRTM

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7 Responses to Astrologer Jeanne Avery Passes (1931- 2012)

  1. Toni Scarnegie says:

    I saw Jean on a local television show in Detroit. I made an appointment to have her do my chart. I was 30 years old in 1977. I felt she knew me better than anyone. I was nervous to meet her and when she opened the hotel room door she put me at ease. She said ” I’ve been dying to meet you.” We were born on the same day, Oct. 24th. She changed my life. I will never forget her. RIP great lady.

  2. David Minka says:

    Jeanne did my first astrological chart in 1976. I still refer to it. This is the first I have heard of her passing. R.I P. and thank you, Jeanne.

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  4. ScorpioRising (YouTube) says:

    An additional thought. I was looking originally to look at her chart, for something I wanted to write, as an example of chart comparisons, mostly on astrologers such as Evangeline Adams and others. For my particular “case” of one Pisces child surrounded by ALL Saggitarius siblings, with the tendency to the dogmatic, something known as a “traditional” spiritual problem for the sign. If someone has that chart data I would like to look at it. As an electrician, as my day job, my particular perspective takes on an insight that might be a bit more descriptively useful to some. Magnetic flux of planets, polarity, and other stuff all made sense to me in the “carnal” perspective. Still for me it seems that the less spiritual a person is the MORE predictable as a profile astrology becomes, the MORE spiritual the LESS predictive they become, sorta like from Dune……………..are they animal or human.
    The AFA in Tempe, Arizona and other things will also be part of somethings I want to write. If modern Christianity does not “wake up” to the reincarnational history manipulated by the Roman Empire, Theodora and Justinian and others, THEIR screwed up ideas of prophesy will make Armageddon happen. Something needs to “jar” their fixation that prophesy MUST happen. Most don’t even recognize the astrology symbols in the book od Revelation. The angels with the Scales perhaps Eisenhower ??? Scorpions – Scorpio, the Ram and the Goat in Daniel etc….. I well intelligent conversation on the subject, that transcend fear and religious dogma. Besides chapter ten in Revelation would have to occur FIRST, soooooooo…………just teaching the GPS factors might help some such as the importance of the “astrological records to Naval History…………etc….. I’m trying to get my” basic operating system” out of “DOS” and into “OS X” have have some impediments………….but they are not ME.

  5. ScorpioRising (YouTube) says:

    She was a good writer, quite capable of taking subtle undercurrents of the human psyche and expressing them in terms the curious can relate to without feeling “it is the work of Satan”. Something that helped me to break the chains of religion on my mind, and to explore knowledge for knowledges sake. The good and evil of this world is always balanced by what we choose to do with such knowledge. Different perspectives on the topics, her book on Rising Signs helped me a lot with introspective contemplations at times I really needed such.
    We’ll all have our time of passing, for what I have seen, most who study astrology eventually discover reincarnation and so a spiritual evolution. I was 26 when I first got exposed to natal charts more “revealing” astrology………quite an eye opener. Soon after I began voraciously reading of which her Rising Sign book was among the metaphysical educational path, among other powerful experiences and influences and learning to think for yourself. Writers leave a lot behind good writers leave something worth remembering, she left something worth remembering.

  6. Robert Drummond says:

    I have a deep yearning desire for indepth astrological reading. Due to my discoveries through Jeanne Avery’s I decided to find her for a reading, only to discover that has passed on. Is there anywhere that I can get a true reading like what she would have given provided she were still with us? Thank you in advance for your help!

  7. marise pessoa cavalcanti says:

    Acabaei de ler aspectos de saturno no livro da jeanne. Livro que tenho há anos……e de repente senti vontade de ler mais sobre seu trabalho…então descobri que havia falecido. Mas, a obra sobrevive a carne, a alma sobrevive ao corpo. O ideal ao concreto, o amor à doença! Bjs

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