Astrological Overviews Not Helpful, Unless

****Originally posted June 21, 2015****


I have always found it interesting how an Astrologer, or someone who feels he/she is an Astrologer can fashion advice for the masses when the Moon changes signs, or, aspects an explosive planetary combination.  For example, the Moon just entered Virgo and today’s advice is about being practical, picking the right project and so on.  Well, unless you know which house cusp(s) is ruled by Virgo, and where your Moon is how do you apply this advice for being practical?  Until you know your Astrological chart, good luck in following the advice one finds in the papers, Internet and even the radio forecasts.


It also helps to understand and be aware of one’s planetary rulers and placements, and how they communicate with one another.  Otherwise you have a bunch of none sense with no way to apply any advice, you may as well shoot in the dark.  Mercury is the ruler of both Virgo, and Gemini, where one is distinctly different from the other in both Element and Modality.  When a “planet” as fast moving as the Moon is one should take care in what the ruler of the Moon sign is doing, where it is and how or how it isn’t behaving.


Let us imagine that Ok, we are going to listen to the advice of the Virgo Moon from today’s forecast.  Well, if one needs to be practical and picky about a project then you need to know where Virgo falls in your chart.  If Virgo falls on the fourth house cusp then it is home and family that one must consider, or if it is the ninth house that Virgo rules then travel, foreign countries or even higher education will fall into focus, if the tenth then career, the outside world or a parent may need attention.  However, if Mercury, the ruler of Virgo is dissonant then look out for the interactions with other planets and how you say or hear it.


I realize that is so much easier to let another tell you about your Astrological chart and what it means, I get that, but if you are going to take some advice regarding an overall consideration one must be wary of any and all advice.  There are plenty of competent Astrologers who are reasonable in price if one is looking for a weekly, monthly or yearly forecast, but to listen to one person tell you about the next two or three days (the time it takes for the Moon to change signs) without knowing your more applicable interests then you are lost my friend.


Today, with the Moon in Virgo it is a good day for giving focused thought to what you think and do, and if you find yourself or others being critical pull back and refine your approach or you stand to lose your standing at home (fourth), work (10th), or with yourself (second).  However, if Mercury is in opposition or conjunct Pluto your day could be one that offers changing and new or needed life perspectives.


If you are interested in learning about the mechanics of your chart be sure to tell your Astrologer.  If you are interested in future strategies and timing, be sure to tell your Astrologer because these are two different and distinct paths to follow during a consultation.  You will be surprised at how quickly an hour flies by.  This is why most Astrologers provide different types of consultations, so that you can focus on what you are specifically interested in.  It is up to you, the client, to understand that you tell your Astrologer what your concerns are.



Curtis F Williams  MA, A.P.D., CRTM

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Jessica Miller’s Reiki Explorer, Working at the Soul Level



I love to learn new things.  Really doesn’t matter but within reason.  I have studied several branches of Reiki and I have enjoyed them all.  Different types of Reiki, and different types of teachers, it has been fun for me the entire time.  However, now that I am older and more decrepit I must gauge the distance for travel and length of the classes.


My Reiki teacher, Jessica Miller has taught me the majority of my Reiki lessons and I immensley enjoy her teaching style, and perspective on life.  Jessica is formerly of the prestigious International Center for Reiki Training, run by William Rand.  Jessica has told me she is a firm believer in William, however now, she has found her own mission, her own brand of Reiki and representation and wants to share it with others.


Jessica has developed her own approach to Reiki and Levels I, II, ART, Master/Teacher called “Reiki Explorer.”  I was given the privelidge to speak to her, read, and discuss her Explorer manuals for several hours last week.  The first manual, which contains Reiki Levels I & II are similar to other Reiki branches, at least the major branches.


The concepts in this first manual gives the student the opportunity to ask their own questions, think at their own speed and Level while still receiving the teacher’s interpretation and theory of Reiki.  The manual gently brings the student along the history of Reiki, and many of the core individuals responsible for developing Reiki in the East and those responsible for bringing Reiki to the West.


For me, the best part is the Master Manual in Reiki Explorer.  Jessica brings into focus, how by using Reiki Explorer the individual is opening up tremendous space for working at your “Soul Level.”  There is a specific concept and instruction that is addressed in the Reiki Explorer Master manual, how to open one’s soul up for visualization and application for example.  This is not to say that other Reiki branches do not talk about the soul, but when it is addressed by others, it is for but a moment.  Jessica has an entire chapter on it, and additional chapters in her manual that hold hands with it to help go even deeper.


Reiki Explorer has, and is currently being taught by Jessica.  It will take some time, (as is per usual when something new comes into being) to get the teachers needed out to the public who can, and will be available to teach Reiki Explorer.  However, I strongly suggest checking Jessica’s website out for yourself.  Just go to for more information and contact numbers.  Personally, I really like this brand of Reiki and I think you will as well.



Curtis F Williams  MA, A.P.D.,CRTM

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Astrology’s Origins

****Originally posted October 30, 2011****

After my radio show interview with Astrologer Noel Tyl I began giving more thought to the origins or beginnings of Astrology.  I asked Noel what brought him to the study of Astrology since he ended up with a degree in psychology from Harvard.  Mr. Tyl stated that in many of his studies such as anthropology and archeology that he noticed man’s attention was almost always directed towards the sky.  It was man’s urge to understand the natural rhythms of the earth and sky that brought him to Astrology.


Man’s interest in the stars was evident even as early as the Ice Age hunter-gatherers.  Anthropologists have established that during the last Ice Age, about 35,000 to 9,000 BCE, primitive humans were compiling a rudimentary calendar by observing and noting the phases of the Moon.  Found were distinctive markings of carved notches on the surface of bones that appear to fall into a rhythm reflecting changes in the Moon’s appearance.  These carved bone and stone artifacts are found throughout Europe and the Americas.


Months were named after seasonal events, the ripening of fruit and the movement of the herds; laying geese; raccoons stirring from winter hibernation; the arrival of eagles and the gathering of wild rice.  These were timed  in synchrony with the pattern of constellations, which would shift in tune with the seasons.  The first annual appearance of a star in the early morning light was a sign that a particular month was just beginning, which may have been observed by a particularly important celebration.


This apparent power or control of the stars and planets to determine events on earth suggested the existence of superhuman sky beings, or gods who laid dominion over the terrestrial realm.  These powerful, supernatural entities were external, above, and completely dominant.  Knowledge of the sky provided a sense of control and predictability over the physical and supernatural realms, and the perceived order of the heavens extended a model which gave form and structure meaning to the inhabitants of this planet.


The megalithic star observers adjusted wooden stakes to mark the solar and lunar movements and positions on successive nights and days.  These stakes would provide an accurate measure of changes in the risings and settings of the Sun and the Moon.  Eventually megaliths were monument-ed as standing stones and stones in circles one of which is Stonehenge (4000- 1500 BCE).  Due to the critical nature of tribal activities such as hunting, fishing, planting, and birthing in synchrony with the correct time, early man was keenly interested and invested in predicting Equinox and Solstice dates.


Man has come so very far from the beginnings of Astrology, and the science of Astrology has also advanced, but primarily in technical terms.  The basics, or foundation of Astrology has stayed relevant for thousands of years.  Astrology has helped to initiate and establish the best time for a war, an assassination, coronation of kings and queens and so much more.  Astrology is as applicable today as any other time, and the benefits and accuracy are just as vital.


Even today, or especially today, it is apparent that the movement of the stars and their meanings are of critical importance.  With the warming of our planet and the ever exploding populations that modern man is now confronted, the archetypal and celestial meanings are drawing man ever closer to himself.  One does not have to believe in Astrology or even cosmobiology, but if not for our ancestors man may never have expanded to where he is now.  Think about it, it must have been very frightening for early man to have reached out to the stars for his very survival.



Curtis F Williams  MA, A.P.D., CRTM

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Believing In Today


Many believe that time is a fabric, and like all known fabrics, they wear thin, tear, or vanish from the dresser drawer or closet where one kept their favorite pair of jeans, shorts or t-shirt.  Now, whether something unknown happened to them or mom, perhaps the wife simply threw them out is not really the question.  I believe that the question should be “where did those particles of fabric go to?”  I know that we can get down to the scientific strata and explanation of molecules, atoms, sub atomic particles or chemical bonds materials, and time, eventually wear thin and then out.


The “present” cannot, could not, be any clearer than the presence of the “here and now.”  Still our minds are preoccupied about yesterday, last week or tomorrow and the coming summer.  “Now” is when the fabric of time is at its most lustrous, convincing most of us that there is hope in today.  However, more often than not our relationship with the “Now” is fleeting only to be overtaken by anxious thoughts of what will, or has already happened.  I understand that this is our culture, but we are mostly missing out on the brand new experience of today.


The “past and the future” can be, and often are aspects of regret and or uncertainty.  The fabric of time is thin on one end (the past), and still being woven on the other (the future).  We invest so much of our time planning the future and sitting in reverie with the past.  So much of our communication is based on the past and the future, leaving today divorced from acknowledgement, and in the background.  Today is what holds the past and the future together, without it we haven’t a thing.


So, before you have communion with the future try and keep in mind that all of our hopes, dreams and creativity are held in the here and now.  Of course this is not a simple task, one needs to believe in the here and now otherwise that favorite pair of jeans may have irreparable tears in them leaving them of no conventional use, or, perhaps you will not be able to find them at all when you want them the most.  Have a wonderful day!



Curtis F Williams  MA, A.P.D., CRTM

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Bullying, Bigotry, and The Cardinal T-Square

****Originally posted August 10, 2012****


In light of the recent shootings all around us and children or young adults committing suicide little has changed.  However, Pluto and Uranus are still in their intimate dance of struggle and profound negotiations (Pluto Rx at 7 Capricorn, square Uranus Rx at 8 Aries and Uranus Quindecile Saturn in Libra).  What I wrote about back then is just as Astrologically relevant today if not more so.


Well, I feel that we are  a good distance down the Cardinal T-Square road to make several distinctions on some of its causes and effects.  Perhaps there are some of you who have not read about the rash of suicides by children and young adults in American schools due to bullying, and bigotry.  Personally, I have seen the bullying and bigotry that young children and adults either express or endure, and it is a very ugly experience.  I saw this firsthand as a student in the 60’s and 70’s, and as a parent and recreational sports coach for many years as an adult.


When my now adult children were in middle and high school I would often go on campus for student evaluations, dropping off of lost lunches and an array of other concerns.  I could never account for or reason why teachers, and coaches simply let the students dictate the course of social interactions on campus by  a small group of individuals.  Teachers literally turned a blind eye to what was going on when other students would pick on the different or weaker ones.  Perhaps the teachers felt that for personal growth the students needed to work this out on their own.  Perhaps it was for a different reason.


Still, this behavior is learned from someone and somewhere.  Naturally one would have to ask if the parents are responsible for the carrying on of this behavior.  I would say that yes, in part, the failure of parental responsibility is at fault here.  However if we simply look at the manner in which the media and advertising overwhelms the public with T.V., the Internet, magazines etc. one might feel they have found an adhesive and cogent rationale for the why and how of it all.  I mean, most parents are working so hard to provide for their families they haven’t the energy to police all the avenues that their children are exploring.


Astrologically a T-Square is like a three legged table.  The missing leg is where the tipping point is, where the weakest spot of resistance lies.  The four Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, each one different yet similar since they are all in the same Modality or behavioral expression.  Cardinal signs are indicative of an action oriented expression, “things” are going happen in a strong way.  This centuries’ T-Square has had Saturn (discipline, stress), in Libra (social); Uranus (individuation), in Aries (me first); and Pluto (revolutionary upheaval) in Capricorn (economy, government).  The tipping point or missing leg here is Cancer (home, family).


The pressures that are cascading through and over our society are falling on home and family.  Saturn insists on following and defining rules as Uranus waits to come thundering down in a bolt of lightning and inspiration, while Pluto claps its reverberating hands over a transformational necessity.  It is clear to me that home and family (Cancer) are under assault from society (Saturn, Libra) and government (Pluto, Capricorn), while the “me” generation (Uranus, Aries) awaits a driving force to seek direction.  These “generational” planets are in full force with great impetus to resurrect change in this modality that is of a Cardinal (action) declaration.


Uranus has briefly taken a respite in the nebulous sign of Pisces (Neptune) along with Jupiter.  However they will both soon go “Direct” moving forward into the sign of Aries again which both planets had earlier consecrated this year.  These two planets will again reinvigorate the Cardinal-T Square with Saturn and Pluto in the middle of 2011.  There are more difficult changes and reconstructions ahead, but Cancer and the fourth house have already been alerted to what needs to be done if we want to maintain our families and values.  As human beings we must correct and undo what has been done to and by our children.


**********  Saturn is no longer in Libra and Jupiter is now in Cancer, however Pluto and Uranus are still dancing to a dangerous tune.



Curtis Williams  MA, A.P. D., CRTM

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The Art Of Astrology

****Originally posted July 24, 2011****



As it often is, my blogs are from my perspective, my experience.  Occasionally I insert information and or opinions that are from others whether they are noted experts or simply clear and rational individuals.  There are opinions and arguments within my Astrological and Reiki communities.  They often suggest growing political or personal chasms between members or organizations regarding whether Astrology is a science or that Reiki needs more oversight by experts and practitioners alike.  This is the nature of human behavior at its best and at its worst.


After decades of professional practice and education/study it has become clear to me that Astrology is as much an Art as it is a Science.  Today I would like to focus on the concept of Astrological Artistry.  Regardless of experience some Astrological practitioners will be more inclined to the scientific approach of Astrology while others will have a psychological insight that may seem unnatural for such limited experience and application.  Then, there are those that like water, wend and mold their emotional intellect into the corners and crevices of the client’s trauma and tragedy that other practitioners may never have this capability.  Herein lies the art of blending understanding, and compassion with the psychological, the emotional, with the visceral. and scientific with the empirical.


It takes many years of practice and application to be good or even great at anything one aspires to do.  One can be born great, but there is still the problem of exercising this “greatness” to the application of experience.  Not everyone is born great or really good at what it is that they do.  Most of us must work long and hard to even have the chance of being one’s best at what one does.  It is over years of experience and in between the moments of lucidity and rational understanding that the Astrological practitioner finds his/her canvas on which to paint.


Knowing how to engage one’s client is especially important to the practice of Astrological counseling.  For many of us our clients are generally in great distress and anxiety by the time they come to see us.  Then, there is the significance of each client being a different one than the client before and the client after.  Of course it takes practice and effort to become proficient with this type of interaction.  The practitioner must have a relatively stable grasp of psychological conditions and their meanings and value.  For this I hope that the practitioner has made the effort to either receive the education and certifications that should be required, or at least taken the time to read and research these issues.


Of course each Astrologer will interpret an Astrological chart differently than another Astrologer, but more importantly it is how they do this.  Like the painter, the Astrologer will use mathematical measurements (aspects) and patterns (types of charts, bowl, bucket, Hemisphere emphasis etc) like the painter uses his/her brushes, paints/oils and canvass.  The Astrologer will also use the genre’ of “house systems” (Koch, or Placidus etc.) as the kind of canvas they will “paint” on.  The practitioner will also use his/her own “artistic” interpretation (the school and teacher, or professor they have learned from) and understanding or education from which they have grown to use the colors and hues that they have learned over the years.


There are also the Humanistic and Psychological methods that need to be understood and appreciated in order to make them of value.  As stated earlier the grasp and knowledge of psychology is vitally important.  Much like the psychologist the Astrologer must be aware of the types of psychological disorders which afflict the human condition, and how to interact with them if appropriate.  If however it is not appropriate, such as the Astrologer realizing that he/she may be out of their element, and in over their head then they must refer their client to another professional who is capable.  The Astrologer must also understand that it is the “person” and not the chart that they are interacting with, and the whole rather than the part that they are counseling.


Which ever metaphor one might like to use for the practice of Astrology, I envision the painter who “sees” his painting as one of a kind.  Or the sculptor, an artist who sees the shape and contours inside of the block of granite or marble before he/she ever begins to put a chisel and hammer to it.  All of this requires understanding and insight of the art, and its expression by the artist.  Some brush strokes are short but rich, and other brush strokes are long and sensual.  So too is the Astrologer when using his/her vision of what they see in the chart before they meet with their client.  Like art, Astrology has many different, rich  and varied types of Astrology from which to express its diversity.  And like the artist, Astrologers too, have their vision of how their art must be expressed.



Curtis Williams  MA, A.P.D., CRTM

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Tarot Cards Justice and Strength




As readers may agree, Tarot has been around for hundreds of years, and over the course of those years the tarot decks have changed, for better or worse.  The Trumps cards or if you will, the Major Arcana cards have been associated with the number of hebrew letters, the planets and their signs, rulerships and not to be forgotten numerology.  Like many esoteric modalities there are secrets and rituals to which these considerations apply but one would have to ask why?


Traditionally, the decks like the Marseilles Tarot decks have placed the Justice card as the 8th card, and the Strength card as the 11th card in the Major Arcana. The images remained pretty much the same as as they are today – just the numbering was different.
Justice still sat on a throne with a sword in one hand and a pair of scales in the other, while Strength still tamed a wild beast and had a semblance of an Ouruboros on top of her head.
Many conjecture that this placement was made in order to confuse people about the true placement of the cards. Naturally, with the symbolism present in the cards, Justice would correspond astrologically with Libra, and Strength with Leo. With the traditional placement, the natural order of the astrological signs in the Major Arcana was upset. However, from a numerological point of view, this placement made a lot of sense. 8 is the number of balance and and therefore Justice sits just right in this situation. And therefore, it is said that this placement was done more in keeping with the numerological system than the astrological system.









To make an honest argument I would need to represent both decks of Tarot cards (Marseille deck, and Rider Waite deck) which unless you are a tarologist/esotericist would only serve to confuse.  However the argument for the Rider deck changing Justice with Strength has to do with Astrology and its natural rulerships and progressions.  One might ask the importance (if any) of this switch might be well then we would have to refer to numerology and its representations.


Still, I much prefer the older Tarot decks that have Justice as the eight card and Strength as the 11th.  The sequence of numbers, planetary rulerships, and symbolism all play a part in their number and sequence representation and when “diving” or “intuiting” the symbolism and meanings of the card it isn’t a far reach that some important information could get lost or crossed at the very least.  So, how ever you choose, try to remember that the people who switched the centuries old card sequences were really changing the basic meaning of the entire Tarot deck!



Curtis F Williams  MA, A.P.D., CRTM













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The Dark and Bright Side Of The Saturn Return

****Originally posted May 20, 2011****

Today I would like to discuss the planet Saturn (ruler of Capricorn), an often maligned planet.  This can be attributed to the circumstances that most of us experience during the time of or around our 28th or 29th birthday; otherwise know as the Saturn Return or when Saturn has made its way back to its original position in the natal chart.  Saturn is most potent in 7 year increments beginning at age 7 or so (square its natal position); 14 years (opposite its natal position); and 21 years (again square its natal position), and, as previously mentioned when it returns to its natal position at 28 years of age.


For many, the Saturn Return represents a time of great struggle, disappointment, frustration and failure.  These descriptions are for the most part offered by those who cannot see past their current difficulties.  I include myself here, as this time period was by far one of the most difficult periods of my life to date, and my second return is right around the corner.  Still, much can be said for the interrelated dynamics of the soul and the physical body.  These are opportunities to face one’s physical and psychological foundations.


However, for most of us we learn our greatest lessons from our more challenging and even debilitating experiences in life such as a divorce, loss of a job, or depression; the average age for the onset of depression is mid to late 20’s; “Depression Statistics and Facts.”  The lessons represented by Saturn (10th house ruler) are often the high watermark for future experiences in our lives, thereby fortifying or shattering us for the future.  These life experiences are of paramount value particularly for our children, and grandchildren; it is you that they will come to for advice, support and encouragement, as they seek counsel for their own trials and tribulations in life.


Once Saturn has made its second return to its original birth chart position, you will be well into your 50’s; approximately 56 – 57 years of age.  This is a time when most of us have already raised our children, and they are having children of their own.  The testing and hardships of life have now given you a sense of accomplishment with a more practical, and pragmatic approach in managing life’s challenges.  Here is where we find the positive side of Saturn, and we use words  such as patience, humility, wisdom and compassion when describing our approach and perspective to life.


The house placement of Saturn in your natal birth chart and the house it rules are the sign posts of where you will most likely be challenged in life.  I find having the awareness of Saturn’s house placement to be of tremendous value in my practice; not only for my clients, but for my own family members as well.  Knowing when Saturn is preparing to mathematically activate a specific house condition such as finances (2nd house) or health (6th house) is of great benefit to those who know how to measure the timing for such events.


Working with Saturn, and the growth it represents to us as individuals can be trying and disconcerting, but it doesn’t have to be so.   Contact a reputable Astrologer to find out where your planets are now and what they represent for your present and for your future.  To make an appointment for a consultation with Curtis Williams please call (805-234-7615), or e-mail (  I look forward to hearing from you!



Curtis Williams  MA, A.P.  D., CRTM

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The Grand Trine Redux

****Originally posted June 22, 2011****


When I first began studying Astrology one of the very first things that I remembered was that aspects called Trines (120 degrees apart) were considered very “cool” and fortunate to have.  After further study I was taught that a Grand Trine (at least three planets each separated by approximately 120 degrees to one another) was even better.  I felt this way for many years as well.  That is until I began studying Astrology in earnest and began to see as well as taught that Grand Trines were incredibly important defense mechanisms.


You would not believe the resistance and comments that I received in my e-mail box after my last blog on how I felt that Grand Trines were wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Some of the e-mails I received were from notable Astrologers, some of which I greatly respected, and continue to do so.  Still, celebrity did not move me, not after I had applied this theory (Noel Tyl is the first and only teacher that taught me this) in conjunction with years and years of chart application in the use of Grand Trines.


In the application of this theory Grand Trines are triangular constructs of self sufficiency with two defining principles that should be noted; the first is self containment, and the second is the separation from relationship because of the self containment (Synthesis and Counseling In Astrology, Noel Tyl, pg. 285).  As Mr. Tyl believes, and as I too believe, the  Grand Trine is a superstructure of “defensive function in the personality.”  The energy of the Grand Trine is really about self isolation, and the type of isolation depends upon the planets and Element.


The emotional expression of a Grand Trine (or the lack of expression) is determined by the Element (Air, Water, Earth, Fire) the planets fall in, and of course the planets themselves.  I will not get into the variables of an out of sign Grand Trine or even the orbs one might use in this mathematical measurement as this would be of considerable interference and distraction.  However, as has been noted by Mr. Tyl that if a Grand Trine is not facilitated by the Sun or the Moon that the “construct appears to operate separately from the Sun Moon combination” (Synthesis and Counseling In Astrology, pg. 285).


For those of you that have not jumped ship in disgust due to my Astrological irreverence please allow me to lay out the Grand Trine and its expression in the Elements.  A Grand Fire Trine defends against the fear of being ignored and will then say “You can’t tell me anything I don’t already know.”  An Air Grand Trine defends against the fear of not being appreciated and will then say “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”  An Earth Grand Trine defends against the need of accepting help, and will say “I don’t need your help I can do this.”  The Water Grand Trine defends against emotional hurt and says ” I don’t need your feelings and you don’t need mine.”


I know that much of what I have written here (with the help of Synthesis and Counseling) goes against what the majority of the Astrological communities believe to be true.  Still, until one looks at the Grand Trine as a defensive mechanism in application, you really have no room in which to comment.  As stated earlier I too believed contrary to this perspective but as I applied this concept to every chart that I could find, and was given, it then became quite clear to me that this was indeed the case.


For a more detailed analysis of the Grand Trine as well as your own Astrological chart please contact Curtis Williams to make an appointment for a consultation either by e-mail ( or by phone (805-234-7615).  Curtis is available for face to face consultations and one on one phone consultations depending upon your geographic location.  Curtis Williams is also available for one on one Astrological and Reiki instruction.



Curtis Williams  MA, A.P.D., CRTM

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Math, The Language of Aspects, Answers, and Astrologers

****Originally Posted December 18, 2011****


Lately I have been writing a good deal about some of the finer aspects (no pun intended) of Astrology with its complex makeup and behavior.  I have put in a great many hours and years studying and learning about Astrology and its illegitimate cousin astronomy.  As in other sciences, Astrology has many a diverse forum and opinion when it comes down to why this applies while that doesn’t.  My blog on Ophiuchus clearly shows how certain groups or organizations put the “kibosh” on anyone else’s thoughts on perfectly formulated concepts and ideas.


For instance, I recently read/watched a You Tube presentation by a very good and qualified Astrologer.  The Astrologer pointed out that we mustn’t forget the aspects of the sesquiquadrate (135°) or the semi-square (45°) when rendering a verdict for this or for that.  Of course I agree with this eminent Astrologer, but first I want to know why it was considered part of a bygone era, and why it was considered an important aspect(s).  These two particular aspects are part of what is considered the 8th harmonic, or whole numbers that can be divided into 360°.  As such, 360 divided by 8 = 45 or the semi-square; 45 x 2 = 90 or the square aspect; 45 x 3 = 135 or the sesquiquadrate; the 8th  harmonic.


There are different harmonics such as the 1st harmonic, the 2nd harmonic, the  3rd harmonic, and you get it, don’t you?  However, as an Astrologer, a competent Astrologer, you can’t dismiss any of these aspects, whether they are considered minor or major aspects, or even inconsequential ones; never dismiss anything.  I suppose that calling an aspect by another title or “formulation” lends interest and a unique perspective if you aren’t a competent Astrologer; most Astrologers I know are competent though.


There is one consideration or theory I have regarding my own ideas for why an aspect may or may not work.  That is, consider if you will, that if you believe or accept the fact that we as human beings are organisms, then wouldn’t it apply that simply because a major or minor aspect didn’t activate during a major transit or progression, that perhaps, and here is where it can get tricky, that due to your interaction with a spouse, life partner, business partner etc., that this other organism by virtue of combining with another organism it has created an entirely separate yet dual organism.  That you can just as well activate your partners chart or organism by default of your union says quite about this extraordinary science!

Most Astrologers have their own “favorite” aspect(s) when delineating an Astrological chart, and each and every aspect is valid.  There are aspects from the “old world,” which really are no longer used, or even considered relevant, this is what is called progress, change, moving on with the times.  However, each and every Astrological aspect comes from the language of Math, a language that explains every part of our existence, our past, our present, and the future.  Math, and Astrology; quite the story tellers.  Enjoy!




Curtis Williams  MA, A. P.  D., CRTM

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The Sophistication and Energy Of Reiki

****Originally posted January 22, 2012****

The practice of Reiki is becoming increasingly popular and accepted within the mainstream of both society and the media.  Reiki is now being taught in recreation centers, people’s homes, online, arenas, hospitals and many other venues.  The accessibility of Reiki is simply wonderful.  With this availability almost anyone can learn the art and techniques of Reiki, and in a relatively short amount of time. The cost of learning Reiki (Levels I and II) is quite affordable, and most teachers will work with those who cannot afford the initial fee by allowing payments and or a sliding scale.


There are now many more branches or schools of Reiki than when I first  began, and I am not certain if this is good or not so good.  However, I believe that the more opportunities for the learning of Reiki, the better.  What is really exciting is that there is the potential for children to learn about Reiki, and to begin practicing Reiki at an early age.  With the learning of Reiki comes the learning of how to use and move energy, healing energy.  This is not necessarily difficult but it is not necessarily easy, it comes with practice and a good teacher.


Not everyone is meant to be a teacher and most who teach Reiki only need to be clear and concise in how the energy works.  Reiki is a sophisticated healing energy.  Now some of you might balk at my saying this but hear me out first.  Reiki energy is an energy that has its own consciousness or awareness on the physical and planes.  Reiki does not need to be directed here or there, or at least not initially anyway.  Once a Reiki practitioner becomes familiar with Reiki its energy then one can begin to use it in a way that is consciously directed.


It takes time and experience to become comfortable with Reiki energy.  Though, for a practitioner to become competent and familiar with how the Reiki energy moves or flows, and how this energy “knows” where it is needed and where it is not, one needs to practice, practice, practice and make sure you do your homework.  What some people do not understand is that Reiki can do no harm.  You do not have to believe in any particular deity or religion but that one simply believe in a higher power than oneself.  Pretty simple right?


Once the student completes Level II, and he or she has been practicing regularly, the Reiki energy opens a dialogue with the practitioner such as “check this area over here,” or “do not keep your hands as long on this area as you should on this area over here.”  This may sound crazy, and perhaps it is but I see this dialogue, or communication as a natural but extraordinary means of interacting with one’s higher self, and with the universe.  Who is to say that there is a difference?


Now that we have almost completed the first month of a New Year (January), what is holding you back from learning a modality of healing energy that you can use not only for yourself but for your friends, pets and family, and even your community?  There are several good teachers in our area both in North and South Counties.  Good luck and I do hope that you give Reiki a chance to help improve your life and of others such as friends, family, pets, ideas, plants, gardens and a whole host of others.  All you have to do is call me!



Curtis F Williams  MA, A.P.D., CRTM

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Listening To Your Inner Voice

****Originally posted November 20, 2011****


I believe that most of you would agree that we all have an “inner voice” to which some of us listen to and others simply ignore it.  Our culture here in the West dictates that most everything that passes through our cognitive processes needs to be intellectually and scientifically valid.  To a degree I must admit that I understand this, but on the other hand I also see the absurdity of needing everything to fit neatly into our societal belief systems.  Often we use religion as a a marker for allowing the impossible, but spiritually (there is a difference) we find a disturbing array of reasons for why we should not believe in the impossible.


Where is that line that allows us to believe that there are beings with wings,?  How can we believe that there are beings with wings in liturgical texts, but not if your neighbor sees on up in their backyard tree?  Or, that it is alright for our children to believe in a “mythical” man such as Santa Claus, or a an Easter Bunny who hides eggs for the wee ones to find on an all too early Sunday morning only to eventually devastate them at a crucial age such as 8 or 9 years of age, and then tell them we have been lying to them all this time.  It might even be that many parents believe there to be a Santa when their children are of that age, it would certainly add to the event.


The above might be too simplistic, however our attitude towards this inner voice alternates between two extremes:  it is regarded either as undiluted nonsense, or as the voice of God.  It never seems to occur to anyone that there might be something valuable in between.  The “other” may be just as one sided in one way as the ego is in another.  And yet the conflict between them may give rise to truth and meaning but only if the ego is willing to grant the other its rightful personality.  It has of course, a personality anyway, such as the voices of “insane” people who believe they are truly hearing inspiration from voices we are separated from.


Yes, the insane people.  We all think we know one or two “insane people” whether they be a family member or a friend of someone who is in a psych ward.  Very few people want to share with others what their “inner voice” tells them for fear of ridicule, unless we are in a like minded group who believes what we believe similarly.  How many of us can go to a spouse or close friend and tell them that we have had or are having a dialogue with another person or thing within our own consciousness?  Not too many, I suppose there would be too much ridicule both from within and from without as well as possible psychiatric hospitalization.


Here is where the inner voice gets crushed.  Our friends and family simply will not allow us the space to have special dialogue or interactions with any “voice(s)” unless they are sanctioned by their church or synagogue.  Perhaps this is why so many people are on anti – depressants, psychological/psychiatric therapies or other disabling behaviors.  Our intuitive beliefs are squashed, and we must then depend on a doctor or counselor to tell us what is wrong with us.  We have lost, or no, we have given away our abilities to heal ourselves whether it be physically, psychologically, psychically or emotionally.  Our inherent abilities have been locked away in a prescription bottle or some other modality that takes away our truth.


I challenge my readers to spend a little time each day to listen to what their mind and heart is telling them.  I know that this might be painful but it can also free the soul.  Some of you might say you do not have the time.  Come on, you can do this on your drive to work, while you work out, taking a shower or bath or any other number of daily or nightly activities.  See if you can get back intouch with your inner voice, and begin a once familiar dialogue that we all had once upon a time.



Curtis F Williams  MA, A.P.D., CRTM


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The Astrology Of Your Mind and Body

****Originally posted September 11, 2012****




Using Astrology to help maintain the overall health of mind and body is too often overlooked by those who really know nothing about this wonderful science.  As a tool, Astrology penetrates the veils that psychologists and psychiatrists take years to uncover.


Using the Astrological chart details one’s temperament, physical and psychological strengths and weaknesses, as well as abilities and potentials for career and vocation just to name a few.  One peek at the natal chart details the relationships between the individual, the parents, siblings, relatives, co-workers and more.  Truly great insights into the psychological and physical makeup of the individual.


Depending upon the patterns in the natal chart a competent Astrologer can discern the person’s creative interests and abilities as well as the compatibility with future partners, wife, or husband.  The natal chart will also suggest the type of partner or other beneficial intimate relationships.


There is another category (there are many) regarding Astrology and that is Medical Astrology.  With so many branches and sub branches of Astrology it is important to find an Astrologer who specializes in this area if you desire such a consultation.  This does not mean that the Astrologer can only be a Medical Astrologer, it just stands to reason that one cannot be a specialist in all of the categories in Astrology.  I myself am a practicing and certified Medical Astrologer, and have studied with a several Medical Astrologers such as Marcia Starck and Dr. Ingrid Naiman.


It has been my experience that there are a good number of people who want to know about past lives.  This can be a useful focus but only after the current lifetime analysis has been addressed and understood.  The Astrologer’s job is to help the client understand this life experience, and, if there is time, and the client wishes to discuss a past life afterward then that would be appropriate.  Astrology is not a tool for fantasy or escapism.


Through the use of Astrology the Astrologer can time for important future and past events for both mind and body and integrate them for present life conditions.  The time has arrived for using Astrologers in both a practical and pragmatic sense.  The old adage that “timing is everything” applies well to this consideration.


Often, Astrology can warn of coming potential medical diseases such as diabetes, heart trouble, arthritis, dental problems and a whole host of other problematic occurrences/diseases.  Now is the time to inquire, integrate, and invest in the use of Astrology for mind and body wellness and integration.


Cautionary note:  When seeking an Astrologer make sure to check for any credentials such as education, degrees, or certifications.  There are many people out there who claim to be an “Astrologer” but who are not.  Check references or websites, and of course word of mouth is essential.




Curtis Williams  MA, A.P.D., CRTM

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Seeking the Shaman Within

****Originally posted July 30,2012***



Aside from being a professional Astrologer and Reiki Practitioner, I have been walking the path of a Shamanic Practitioner for some years now.  I do not call myself a Shaman nor do I wish for others to call me a Shaman or think of me as one.  I haven’t really discussed this particular aspect of my life (Shamanism) with more than three or four other souls.  So, I am essentially outing myself for all the world to know of my apprenticeship as a Shamanic Practitioner; I am assuming that at least two people read my blog, so now there at least five individuals that now know of my secret.


My research into Shamanism has been more than interesting, but it has been somewhat difficult to find an instructor who is qualified to teach, and willing to impart their knowledge from lineages and generations of Shamanic teachings and teachers.  This knowledge is revered and protected like so many other sacred information.  One is not allowed to transpose, or copy on paper, or record on audio any of the lessons taught to the student, or to orally replicate what has been said.  This is of course out of respect for the practitioners before us, and those that will follow.


The Shaman had traditionally been the doctor, counselor, herbalist and so much more for their villages or tribes of  ancient past.  The position of the Shaman has now morphed into individualized and specialized application for the people of our communities and metropolis’ of modern day. When ill, we now go to our general practitioner who upon examination feels we need more specialized care will refer us to a specialist highly trained in that particular disease or injury.  There is a process and protocol that we as civilized people are required to follow so that we can get better either physically, emotionally, or both.


I reserve judgment for how I believe our medical needs are met in this day and age, but in the day of the Shaman the person that was ill would consult the Shaman first and foremost depending upon the degree and complexity of the illness.  The Shaman would go into their trance and seek the help, consult, and inspiration from his/her guides and helpers for diagnosis and the preferred treatment necessary for recovery.  This could include certain herbs, adjusted hydration, or fasting and even a spiritual quest for the patient.


I realize that our medical doctors and therapists put in an inordinate amount of time, discipline and education to learn their profession, but so too does the Shaman, just not in the manner or sequence of today’s professionals.  The Shaman of old was often selected (becoming a Shaman was often a family birthright) at an early age, and sometimes selected before birth.  Here, the Shaman in training could be ordered to spend their first 15 to 16 years isolated in a cave or hut cut off completely from all external stimulation; eventually leaving for them the extreme wonder and fascination of the outside world.


For me, this was a very late calling, but I felt I had to answer it.  However, on this journey I have been learning a completely new and different perspective and technique for healing and understanding all that is alive.  The training can be intense and sometimes contrary to my belief system, still, I find this modality and instruction fascinating and self revealing.  One might think that shamans are outdated and irrelevant compared to today’s specialized professionals, but don’t believe this.  From the training I have received there is no question in my mind that the need and use for the Shaman is in demand now more than ever.


The subject of Shamanism is not one to be taken lightly, at least that is my sense of perspective.  This path is not an easy one nor as I have discovered compatible with any discussions over dinner, parties, social and business mixers, or even talking to a close relative, friend, or spouse.  In fact, this type of study can be a deal breaker in many marriages or significant relationships.  What is now called “Neo Shamanism” is very different from Shamanism of old.  Today there are individuals that claim to be Shamans after reading a book or two, and sometimes just the first paragraph of an news article.  No, we are all capable of pressing this interest but only few follow through.  So be cautious if this is a path you are considering because it is not an easy one, nor an accepted one.  Good luck!



Curtis Williams MA, A.P. D., CRTM

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Lunar Nodes, Pluto, The Moon, and Childhood Fears Of Death

****Originally posted August 31, 2011****

This blog is one that may be seen as dark, disoriented or perhaps right on target.  The state of our economy and the desperate need for a two household income is downright severe and in critical condition.  Mothers often find themselves stretched from the time they rise in the morning until they lay their heads down at night.  Our society has deemed as recently as the 60’s that mother should aspire to be out of the house and not tied down by her family, that she the woman, and is more than that.  The desire to be a mom and a working mother is simply not a healthy conclusion to any period in our history.


Astrologically, the combination of the Lunar Nodal Axis, the Moon and Pluto are seen as a representation of the all powerful mother or maternal figure.  Many care providers are those of outside help such as daycare providers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters and sisters in-laws to name several of the combinations one might find in the pool of childcare providers.  The Astrological chart is the macrocosm for the nuclear family represented by these planets and their aspects or measurements within the horoscope.  In fact, the Moon (representing mother) in any given chart may be the child’s care provider, and not the actual mother since so many children spend their first five to six years in the care of an outside family member or non family member for 13 of the 17 hours a child is awake.


Pluto conjunct, square, opposite, inconjunct, quindecile or sesquiquadrate the Moon and or nodal axis are indicative of the angry or depressed mother.  Throw Mars into the mix and now we are examining the potential for physical and or sexual violence and abuse.    The timing of a progressed chart by Solar Arc (SA) of the Moon to Pluto, or Pluto to the Moon may suggest a timing issue regarding a relatively short period of time (2 to 3 years) that was difficult for both the child and the mother.  When the birth chart holds these aspects it suggests a life long and first hand experience of emotional and physical torment.  It is then the child’s journey of acting out in pre- adolescence, adolescence and then adulthood with a very good chance of a repeat of the experience with their own children.


It is estimated that a majority of mothers experience post-partum depression which badly affects their ability to take care of and show love and empathy for their babies.  Studies show 80 percent of mothers experience either (1) mild “baby blues” for months after birth, (2) post-partum depression up to several years, or (3) puerperal psychosis (the sudden onset of psychotic symptoms following childbirth).  This is a time when there are actual thoughts by the mother (Moon) of harming and even killing (Pluto) their children and or themselves.  Depressed mothers are up to “40 percent of the time unresponsive or disengaged , while the rest of the time they are angry, intrusive, and rough with their babies.”


Locating the lunar nodal axis is an important tool in helping to identify family maternal care providers other than the mother such as an aunt or grandmother.  So often the same restrictive and destructive habit patterns learned by family members in caring for a baby and or child is repeated over and over again with frighteningly disturbing consequences.  Parents of the caretaker are still present as “ghosts in the nursery” when the child is born, referring to the way the parents (mother and father) were raised by their parents and other family members (North Node).  Here is where in the form of dissociated persecutory alters (alternative personalities) – internal objects and voices that repeat the traumas and fears that the caretaker experienced as a child emerge.


Unfortunately, the chemical imbalances in the mother’s or care providers brain wreck havoc on the psychological health of the child.  The imbalance of “mirror neurons” in both the mother and baby will lay the ground work for all future violence by the child.  Due to these imbalances the helpless and vulnerable child experiences these reenactments of maternal fear and hatred as ending in abandonment or death.  “Most mothers do not murder or totally reject their children, but death pervades the relationship between mother and child.”  These death fears become the basis for all later violence, both personal and social.  Society holds much of the blame for not recognizing and then helping mothers that need assistance both medically and emotionally.


My point here is that a competent Astrologer can see in advance or at the very least give the correct advice to an adult that has these components in their natal chart as to what happened and what can now be done.  Of course, there are other variables to be considered when attempting to determine the nature of the  maternal relationship through the Astrological chart but Pluto with the Moon in stressful conditions, and or the Nodal Axis certainly lends to the neurosis of many men and women.  Once this has been concluded the Astrologer must then advise the client for separate psychological or psychiatric counseling, this is a must.



Curtis F. Williams  MA, A.P.D., CRTM



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